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In times of digitisation, the role of IT within a companies is changing. The paradigm shift, caused by the digital revolution is turning IT into an “enabler” of transformations. When defining the IT strategy, different aspects such as business strategy, customer centricity, the requirements of users and specialised areas regarding efficiency, stability and even market influences, need to be taken into consideration. IT can only make a decisive contribution toward achieving the company’s goals if it can fulfill all requirements.

EXXETA IT Strategy support's you during the definition of a comprehensive IT strategy, which is derived from the corporate strategy and covers the topics governance, organisation and architecture.

Your challenges

IT bridges the challenging gap between fulfilling new requirements and the increasing IT cost efficiency, as well as the innovation and disruption of further development. In order to implement a successful IT strategy in your company, various different aspects needs to be taken into consideration.

Satisfied users
  • Efficient functionality
  • Stable IT solutions
  • Professional support
Lower costs/TCO
  • Transparent and calculable costs
  • Reduction of high one-time costs
  • Reduction of overall costs
  • Agile adjustment of IT in line with changing requirements
  • Flexible and scalable service level
High security/quality
  • Stable and secure IT solutions
  • Efficient support & problem management
Manageable complexity
  • Knowledge transfer between business and IT
  • Proximity to manufacturer
  • Existing support for complex IT solutions and locations
  • Availability of applications
  • Availability of support

Our offer

With EXXETA Management Consulting with respect to IT Strategy, we assist you with the definition of a long-term IT vision as well as the derivation of the IT strategy at the levels of IT governance, IT organisation and IT architecture. We help you to allocate technological trends correctly within the context of market developments and your individual situation to assess your company's potential.

Our holistic consulting approach supports you from the analysis of the status quo and the associated opportunities and restrictions to highlighting strategy alternatives, including the benefits and advantages, as well as consequences with regard to implementation and ultimately, the formulation of an IT strategy. In doing so, focus is placed at all times on the alignment of business and IT. The IT strategy to be formulated is aligned optimally with the business strategy. Finally, we support you to set up programs to implement the strategy that initiates projects and establishes guidelines for ensuring the successful role change of IT into an enabler of transformations in your company.

Thanks to the EXXETA IT Strategy, you can now receive a comprehensive IT strategy, which is derived from the corporate strategy and covers the areas of governance, organisation and architecture.

Your benefits

Gain an overview of the possibilities provided by the modern IT world and find out about the potential of the latest technologies for your company. Benefit from the definition of a long-term IT strategy and implement it with a reliable IT landscape that is easy to maintain. Increase user satisfaction and lower costs for the maintenance and further development of your IT. Gain the flexibility needed for market requirements, set qualities and process standards for all IT areas.

With EXXETA IT Strategy you receive action guidelines for future developments and turn IT into a central factor for achieving your corporate goals.