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Strategic initiatives are comprised of a number of projects, often with complex relationships and dependencies across a range of dimensions. EXXETA Program Management helps you identify synergy potential and implement your strategic objectives effectively and efficiently. We combine our integrated consulting service with proven implementation expertise to support the successful execution of your strategic changes.

Your challenges

Do you want to implement a defined strategy in the form of strategic initiatives in your company? The range of implemented projects often result in complex dependencies in relation to time, content and resources. Planning, implementing, controlling and managing a program is extremely difficult in large organisations with several autonomous business units. There is often a lack of information about the project landscape, while synergy potential is not identified and conflicts are frequently only resolved in a more difficult stage. Frictional losses and the duplication of work lead to high costs.

Areas of interest: Program Management vs. Project Management

Programm Management

“A temporary organisation that is required to achieve a unique and predefined result in a defined period using specified resources”

Project Management

“A coordinated portfolio of projects which changes organisations in order to achieve strategic objectives”

Company perspectives
Top management would like to know…

  • …how the defined strategy will be effectively/efficiently implemented in the form of strategic initiatives (programs)
  • …how the program can be reconciled with the corporate strategy
  • …the tasks to be completed by the Program Manager and the associated skills

The Program Manager would like to know…

  • …how the planning, strategic alignment and program governance will be implemented
  • …how the program will be set up, managed and controlled
  • …how all the relevant projects will be aligned and orchestrated

Our offer

In Management Consulting, Program Management is our instrument for implementing strategic changes.
Our offer starts with program initialisation. We work with you to develop a specific program vision, define the business objectives and identify an appropriate program manager. We ensure company-wide transparency and a comprehensive management framework using appropriate global governance and tracking templates as well as project-related briefings. We identify dependencies within the project portfolio and help assess and manage the individual projects based on economic criteria. We are also more than happy to take over rollout management or quality assurance reviews where necessary.

Your benefits

Take advantage of the significant value added and thanks to our targeted approach. Benefit from our wealth of experience in order to realize synergy potential across projects as part of a company-wide transformation. Use EXXETA Program Management to improve corporate communication and transparency by assigning clear project responsibilities. Reduce costs by ensuring the transparent business evaluation of individual projects. Our holistic consulting service and proven implementation expertise ensure the success of planned transformation activities.

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