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The DevOps-approach: shared responsibility for our development

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The DevOps-approach promises to streamline processes by combining the tasks and responsibilities of the two areas of Development and Operations, which were conventionally separated.

We believe that a unified vision and the collective understanding that all stakeholders share a common responsibility for a project are fundamental to its success.

Do you know that feeling?

Many conflicts and little creativity. The clear division of roles and tasks leaves no room for creativity. The two areas of development and operations proceed so differently that tensions can arise and the project suffers as a result.


And what consequences does that have?

  • New technologies and market demands are not come quickly enough, because the development was mainly focused on the technologies and no adjustments were made to the structure of the demand.
  • The product is ready, but unmanageable, because the requirements of operations were not considered as operations was not part of the team.
  • There is constant fear of a release change, because the releases become very large due to the infrequent going live of further developments.
  • "It works for me and on my machine." But what if the production is not running on the developer's machine?

Great news for you: these scenarios is something you no longer must experience

Together, we develop a DevOps-approach that is right for your organisation, in which development and operations work together in a natural way and maintain a common project responsibility. The consistent use of external measures and shared responsibility for development and operation creates a team spirit that contributes to the success of the project. Each member of the project is jointly responsible for all aspects of the product and can retrieve information.

✓ Moving development and operations together
✓ automation brings the product faster to the market 
✓ Quicker problem-solving through joint responsibility 
✓ Better quality through transparent project flow

We monitor all plans and the underlying infrastructure in order to constantly improve the potential for improvement 


How we proceed

Code: We produce reliable source code.

Build: We create incremental code in short cycles that is ready for production.

Test: We test our code under productive conditions.

Release: We bring new versions into the production’s environment, reliably and automatised.

Deploy: We deploy solutions to all environments in a fully integrated manner.

Operate: We take responsibility for the operation of the applications.

Monitor: We monitor all products and the underlying infrastructure in order to constantly improve performance.

Vision: Together with you, we not only develop software, but also the future.


"We like to empower our clients and create projects together where there is no longer a "them there", but only a "we" in joint responsibility."

— Christina Albrecht, Director Transformation at EXXETA —

The DevOps-approach in practice:

Documentation system of building conditions

The documentation of the building condition is provided by a web-based tool.

Vehicle commissioning as a service (prototype)

Replacement of the existing maintenance-intensive hardware components by low-maintenance and flexible software components for the commissioning and testing of vehicles.

Optimisation of homepage & online shop

Replacement of the monolithes by the introduction of microservices and microfrontends for a simpler scalability, maintainability and testability of the online shop.

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DevOps expert team

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