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The ability to change is one of the most important features a company need to ensure a long-term success on the market. Using our management consulting service, EXXETA Transformation Management Approach (ETMA) will first help you to identify the strategic and operational need for action in your company. Secondly,we will help you develop a process, organisation and technology setup that is aligned with your strategy to ensure effectiveness and improved efficiency. We combine our holistic expertise with best practices and results-driven implementation  to successfully transform your company.

Your challenges

Do you want to effectively and efficiently implement a defined strategy and ensure the innovative modification of your business model in line with the market conditions? Do you want to know how to implement the planned transformation with a focus on benefits and compatibility with the company culture? A key challenge is the formulation of a comprehensive and overarching IT strategy. Do you want to derive this from the strategic business objectives while also considering processes, governance, organisation and the existing IT architecture?

Our offer

EXXETA Transformation Management supports you on the path towards successful transformation. First, we analyse the current situation to identify the strategic and operational fields of action and the critical factors for success. We analyse your business and IT strategy, your processes and organisation, as well as your IT architecture and IT governance. Finally, we prepare an overview of the “big picture” and define recommendations for further action. The current situation is analysed in order to ensure a common understanding of the transformation process by all stakeholders. We then specify the approach in the form of a roadmap using a detailed evaluation and recommendation process. Benefit from the introduction of best established practices for known challenges and from our innovative and creative approach to new issues.

Position determination >> Detailed evaluation and recommendation

High-level Big Picture

  • Identification of the strategic/operational need for action
  • Identification of factors critical to success

Strategy and project analysis

  • Business model
  • Objectives
  • Business strategy
  • IT strategy
  • Started and planned projects

Process/organization analysis

  • Value chain
  • Procedural pain points
  • Structure and process organization

Analysis of the IT architecture

  • Development plan
  • Governance


Preparation of the big picture and derivation of a recommendation for further action

Your benefits

EXXETA Transformation Management lets you benefit from our established consulting approach that enables us to quickly identify strategies, as well as operational requirements and identify appropriate recommendations for solutions. We work with you to develop and define the steps required to ensure a value-based transformation. We use innovative concepts for long-term value enhancement and a more agile and sustainable organisation. Tackle new market challenges with a company that is prepared and ready for change.

® EXXETA's Transformation Management Approach (ETMA) is a registered trademark of EXXETA AG in Germany

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