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Innovative ability is a competitive key advantage. Creativity, implementation capability and speed are the critical success factors involved. To be known as a dynamic market leader, an enterprise must be able to generate new ideas, develop products and services and successfully launch them within a short time-to-market.

EXXETA Innovation Consulting is designed to help you realise your full potential and stay one step ahead. With our support, you will create structures and meet targeted processes to promote innovation. There are three elements to our proven approach to building an innovation driven environment.

Your challenges

An array of factors within and outside your organisation necessitate critical evaluation of your business model, products and services. Changing customer behaviour becomes noticeable in such things as declining sales while cost pressure and efficiency expectations increase. A lack of innovative capability leaves your enterprise unable to react fast enough to market changes.

Your goal is to enter new markets through new and innovative products. You are aiming to develop and profitably deploy diverse new technologies to achieve your business goals. Rather than simply following along with market trends like digitization, you want to be part of making the trends to derive competitive advantages.

Our offer

EXXETA Innovation Consulting delivers support on multiple levels to keep your business competitive.

Creating the framework and conditions for innovation 
  • Development of a tailored innovation strategy and culture
  • Overseeing of transformation, providing training and coaching
Helping you develop innovative user-centered solutions 
  • Suitable tools & methods (e.g. design thinking) to facilitate and support your innovation projects
  • Development of new products and services
Making innovation tangible through prototyping & new technologies 
  • Opportunity analysis and integration strategies for new technologies and trends
  • Agile prototyping of new products and services

Your benefits

Coordinated innovation strategy

Your innovation activities become coherently organised around an underlying strategy.

Inspiring culture of innovation
Together we create a cultural framework for innovation in your organisation.

New sales potential through user centered innovation
Deploy user centered innovation to enter new markets or gain market share.

Effective usage of cutting-edge technologies
Recognise the profit potential of employing the latest technologies within your organisation.

Innovation is the key to your business model, keeping your products and services competitive. Take advantage of opportunities to think of targeted ideas, develop and promote them. Secure a decisive advantage for your company, keeping ahead of the competition through a vibrant culture of innovation. Utilise EXXETA Innovation consulting to realise the full potential of your business and keep a decisive edge.