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Leading projects to a successful conclusion is a demanding management task as the increasing complexity of challenges and organizational structures makes it difficult to stay on top of things. Tasks need to be completed in a manner that efficiently uses the available resources and meets time and quality requirements.

Thanks to modern, agile methods such as Scrum and experienced consultants, we offer the right type of support for every challenge. With EXXETA project management, you can limit your risks, seize opportunities and achieve project objectives to a high quality, on time and within budget.

Your challenges

Your company is required to respond to new market situations, customer needs and technologies. The resulting projects must meet a number of different needs and requirements. Many different stakeholders must be involved and the dependencies between individual projects also have to be taken into account. Frequently it is necessary to incorporate agile methods into traditional business models. The diverse requirements in a complex business environment tie up staff and resources, and relevant project information is often missing. The necessary coordination between user departments, IT and suppliers or third-party providers makes it more difficult to complete the project on time and within the agreed scope. The strategic planning and management of projects is often neglected.

Many stakeholders


Dependencies between projects

Fast changing environment

Agile methods in a traditional corporate culture

Lack of an overarching control system

Missing information


Our offer

The EXXETA project management services offer the right form of support for every problem. Our modular offering is the ideal basis for the implementation of your individual project:


  • We analyze your project management approach and identify potential for optimization
  • We help you to use project management effectively throughout your company
  • We integrate agile methods (such as Scrum and Kanban) into your existing business processes
  • We optimize and support your agile development teams


  • We take over the project management over the entire life cycle
  • We use a broad range of stock and methods and adapt our approach to your circumstances


Thanks to our experience with both traditional and agile project management methods, we can assist you with guidance and advice from the initial analysis of your project to the actual implementation and control, taking into account different procedural models, to the successful completion.

Your benefits

Reap the benefits of agile methods without having to abandon your existing business processes. Use tailored solutions to combine the best of both worlds and to respond to a rapidly changing environment.

Defined interfaces to requirements engineering, risk management and quality assurance ensure the best possible project coordination.

With EXXETA project management, we will help you to limit your risks, seize opportunities and achieve project objectives on time and within budget.