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The quality of your software is the driving force behind your business. Faulty components produces higher work around costs in your operations. Use the test consulting expertise of EXXETA for your next software project to identify potential sources of error as early in the design phase. Optimise your testing processes, consistently increase the quality of your software and minimise continuous costs.

Your challenges

High software quality is the foundation that enables IT-based business processes to run smoothly. The performance and reliability of software gives you the freedom to focus on your primary business in the face of increased competition. Errors that occurs in the conception phase of big and complex software projects, have an even more adverse effect upon completion. The subsequent adjustment increases cost and delays the necessary use of software that is needed in the day-to-day business operations.

  • Coordination of tests across several sub-projects and interfaces
  • Adjustment of testing procedures in the case of agile development methods
  • Missing or inadequate requirements documentation
  • Broad test coverage with limited use of time and resources
  • Inefficient test execution as a result of a low degree of automation
  • Required integration of testing activities in the software life cycle
  • Project participants must be brought to the same level of methodological expertise
  • They have to be able to cope with the demands and challenges of the project in addition to their normal line of work
  • Create and communicate test cases that are reproducible
  • Development and launch of high quality software
  • Customers and users expect faultless software solutions

Our offer

With our certified consulting approach in accordance with the ISTQB standard (International Software Testing Qualifications Board), we get involved right in the conception phase of software projects in order to identify potential sources of errors at an early stage. With our systematic approach, ranging from the organisation to the implementation and execution, we ensure that the entire testing process is highly efficient. Through our innovative test case design, we achieve a high degree of reusability at different test levels. At the same time, the high degree of standardisation enables us to manage the complexity and to reduce the overall software development costs.

Your benefits

Trust the EXXETA test consulting with the implementation of testing organisation and processes in companies and projects as well as the analysis and optimisation of existing testing organisations guided by the ISTQB standard. Benefit from reduced complexity as a result of standardisation, automation and application of best practices. Keep track of dates and costs, create an efficient test plan and achieve high test coverage. Use coaching and training to ensure a high level of knowledge transfer in your organisation. Reap the benefits of compliance with your quality standards through the use of the latest methods and tools and rely on the expertise of our specialists certified by international standards. They keep an eye for the essentials.We ensure software quality. With EXXETA service component test consulting, you benefit from our many years of experience gained from many different software development projects and the derived best practices.