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Image: We work together on your products during our UX fridays. By design.

Our references

Good UX design makes you successful

Airbnb is successful, even though there are already countless portals for holiday homes. Taxi driving was possible even before there was uber. Sketch replaced Photoshop and Slack reinvented digital business communication. These examples show:

Those who focus extremely on their users and their needs can come up with solutions that work so well that they even revolutionize existing markets.

And it is with this mindset that we approach our challenges.


The EXXETA UX team

Innovative by design

The digital world is developing at a breathtaking speed. We make sure that our entire team is familiar with the latest trends and technologies. This means that you as a customer can rely on us delivering high-quality, state-of-the-art solutions.


UX Friday

Expert feedback on your projects, internal user testing, tips & tricks for tooling, trend scouting.

Continuing Education

Our employees attend an average of two conferences a year and our UX experts regularly speak at conferences themselves.


We offer training for our colleagues and our customers, e.g. Paper Prototyping, Design Studio or PowerPoint.

World Usability Day

Together with usertimes.io we have been organising the WUD in Karlsruhe since 2019 – sold out last year with 250 participants.

It's not just about what you see.

There are many invisible influencing factors that are decisive in a user's decision for or against a product:

  • Do I trust the brand and is there an emotional connection to the company?
  • Are my devices supported and is the performance right?
  • Is it designed to be aesthetic and self-explanatory?
  • Is it useful for me and does it provide added value?
  • Does it also work in my environment?

Toolset & offer

Methods, offering & how we work

Not every problem is a nail. That's why we have more than just one hammer in our toolbox. Our approach is not a standard one, but is always tailored to your challenges.


Design sprint formats

Key areas

Our toolset

Promoting UX internally

Our poster contest

How do we manage to make the topic of UX visible within an IT company and at the same time establish a standard that incorporates usability and design at every step of development?


Get in touch

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Uwe Thimel

Senior Creative Director

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