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For us, user experience design does not only involves the design of attractive user interfaces, but also includes the overall design of good digital products.
A good product is easy to use, works as expected and leaves you with a good feeling. The best usability is the kind you don’t even notice, but which leaves you feeling a bit happier than before. In order to achieve this, we work together in an interdisciplinary manner: Usability Researchers, Concepters, User Interface Designers and Developers work together in the project from day 1, and whenever possible in the same room.

The user experience cannot be designed directly, as it takes place in the head of the user. However, we can try to understand the needs and wishes of users and all other important, influencing factors (technology, current design trends), which we can design and develop FOR an excellent user experience.

The most important part of the work is the least visible part: A well-founded information architecture arise can be done only through a solid preparation in UX strategy, user research, requirements engineering and content strategy. We test the concept as early as possible with real users, as a (paper) prototype, wireframe or click-dummy, and we design the graphical user interface after multiple iterations and verification.

User Experience Process

The user experience process at EXXETA represents an integral part of the software development process.
Our experience has shown that the integration of a user-centred approach across the entire project and product lifecycle, i.e. ideally from the initial idea to customer dialogue (sales, marketing, advertising) and ultimately operation (support, fulfilment), measurably increases the success of a product while clearly reducing costs.

The UX design process always consists of the same phases: planning, understanding, designing, building, testing and using.
The basic idea is to increase the quality of results using simple tools together with fast iterations, and to test each interim result with users. This means possible errors are made early in the process, which means they are also relatively inexpensive to rectify.

There are three iteration cycles in a typical web and mobile project: rough concept, detailed concept and UI design.


During the iteration cycles, we make use of an extensive methodology toolbox. The respective methods are chosen based on the customer, the project and the target group.

We particularly enjoy working with, and are successful with, collaborative formats.e.g. workshops, design studios and testing together with customers and users.

Our strength is the seamless integration of concept, design and development. We solve the usual problems at the interface between design and development using a tried-and-tested method that involves integrating the concept and design process into the agile software development process with SCRUM.

15 EXXETA UX specialists in the Web & Mobile business unit, in which 70 people work, we develop holistic, individual digital solutions for you – with everything from a single source.

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