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Project Success with more than 20 Participants


The budget was exceeded, so was the time schedule, and the mood in the team should not even be mentioned? If projects do not go according to plan, this not only leads to monetary losses. Especially with IT projects, the success rate is low: 71% are not completed successfully. The probability of a successful completion decreases further the more people are involved in the project.

But what makes IT projects successful, especially when several teams or even the entire company is involved? 

Source: The Standish Group (2018); Becker & Huber (2008)

Fully exploit optimization potentials

This question was also asked by our customer, one of the largest food retailers in Europe. In order to actively meet the challenges in the retail trade caused by increasing flows of goods and growing customer demands, the warehouses were to receive flexible, automated support: A new SAP system. The challenge came in the dimensions of the project, which involved more than 100 employees in six teams.  

In order to avoid duplicate work, fully exploit synergies between the individual teams, and support a successful project conclusion, the customer decided to rely on the support of our experienced EXXETA experts to select and implement the appropriate scaled and agile implementation process.



Reach your goal with LeSS, Nexus or SAFe

The goal was to implement the selected framework during these phases of the project process and to support both the employees and the project as a whole. In addition, a suitable tool was to be found for the implementation phase and adapted to the individual circumstances of the project. Since several teams were involved, a Large-Scale Scrum Approach (LeSS) was chosen, which promotes coordination, collaboration and execution across numerous agile teams. It thus provides a structured approach for scaling agile methods.

"Projects succeed or fail with the employees. All must be called upon where they methodically stand and be enabled to use the agile framework and its structure and freedoms. In this project we were involved from the beginning and were therefore able to choose the appropriate agile framework based on interviews with the employees and the product to be developed. This ensured that the methodology was tailored to the project and that the employees would find themselves in a structure that they had helped to initiate."

Celina Müller, Senior Consultant at EXXETA

Focus on success full-time

Involving a third party in agile software development has many advantages:  

EXXETA, as a neutral party and expert in agile methods, was able to create and increase acceptance for the project among our customer's employees. This was achieved, for example, through training offers in the areas of requirements engineering, Scrum and LeSS, or the onboarding of new employees. During the project dates themselves, our experts also took over the moderation and coordination, the flow of information and the follow-up of discussed points. We promoted cooperation and team spirit with individual workshops, in which past dates were reflected upon together. This benefited both the individual employees within the teams and the teams as a whole.

Technologies and Methodds

  • Agile Coaching, Requirements Engineering, Business Consulting 
  • Scrum, LeSS, KanBan 
  • Jira, Confluence


Our experts were also able to mediate effectively when problems arose within the teams. Instead of being in a conflict of interest due to their own employees in several roles, our experienced agile coaches focus full-time on the success of the project.

The methods chosen - Scrum LeSS, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) or Nexus - were individually adapted to the project requirements. We draw on experience from large projects, apply it and pass it on to our customers and their employees.


With the support of the EXXETA expert team, our customer was able to successfully implement its agile IT project on a scaled basis.

You don't want to leave the success of your IT project to chance, and are looking for support for implementation in several teams or the entire company? We would be happy to advise you on your individual situation in a non-binding meeting and support you both remotely and on site.


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