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Connected Car

The networking of vehicles with external systems or devices (e.g. mobile phones) is one of the quickest growing areas in the automotive sector. Our customer wants to exploit and expand on the significant potential provided by this trend. EXXETA made a valuable contribution towards realizing the networking of drivers and vehicles as well as the linking of various systems for customer and vehicle data, in order to closely connect cars, customers and manufacturers.

Initial situation and challenge

When the project was started, the first Connected Car solutions were already available on the market. In order to take over a leading role in this growing sector, the objective was to develop a high quality technical solution within a short period of time. The challenge here related to the heterogeneous and decentralized system landscape and also the lack of any significant technical networking of the customer, car and manufacturer. Another demanding challenge when finding a solution was the requirement for global, decentralized and asynchronous communication incl. offline availability of potential services in future.


Conception of use cases
Development and verification of the practicality of a use case in the context of the connected car.

Back-end integration
The development of an integration platform in a comprehensive, heterogeneous system environment allows for the connection of vehicle, manufacturer, car workshop, car dealer and customer. Data that is collected by the car itself using an array of sensors is sent to the backend where it is processed by different systems. This includes data about the car’s oil level, tire pressure and the condition of the brakes. The gathered information serves as a basis for the creation of value-added, personalized services.

Mobile service platform
To allow final customers the entry into the world of connected cars, a customer portal was designed and implemented and several connected car services were integrated. Using a personalized login, the customer has access to information about himself, the car and the car dealer at all times. Additionally, live data from the vehicle can be monitored and personalized services can be used.


In order to deal with the needs of the stakeholder in a flexible manner while at the same time ironing out any unclear matters in the technical design, we decided to utilize an agile project procedure. Thanks to the intelligent linking of different agile procedures, an initial recording of requirements was possible at a very early stage, which enabled the dimensions of the subsequent application to be assessed. EXXETA supported the customer with the definition of the target architecture, with Requirements Engineering, software development and application testing. Additionally, EXXETA assumed responsibility for the integration of heterogeneous satellite systems using the WebSphere Message Broker.

Customer benefits

Thanks to the successful completion of the project, the customer was able to take over a leading role in the Connected Car market. The project enabled the networking of cars, customers and manufacturer as well as simplified communication between systems. Our customer now has access to new possibilities for customer retention and starting points for further communication and interaction with its customers, even after a car has been purchased. Improved customer support with additional functions now enables the manufacturer to provide information proactively in relation to upcoming vehicle services.

EXXETA Connect - our methodology

  • Digital foresight & vision
    Together with you we define a clear vision based on expert opinions and future trends. We support you in making the ideas of today become the building blocks of the future.
  • Digital strategy & service and product innovations
    We analyze the current situation and risks and accompany you during the digital transformation toward new business models. Based on the needs of your customers we develop a connectivity strategy for your service and product innovations.
  • Implementation
    Together with you we implement your connectivity solutions comprehensively.
  • Outlook
    In order to be prepared for coming changes in the market, we will help you progress your connectivity solution continuously through the individual selection and use of strategy and scenario methods.

EXXETA contribution

  • Experience in the successful development of integration solutions
  • Excellent knowledge of the automotive sector
  • Flexible and agile approach (Scrum) in the development of unique and innovative solutions
  • Pioneering work for customers in the field of connecting external satellite systems to the WebSphere Message Brokers via HTTP

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