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Development of an iPad app for the customer’s sales employees

In­iti­al si­tua­ti­on and chal­len­ge

Our cust­o­m­er was faced with the chal­len­ge of pro­vi­ding sa­les em­ployees in the sup­port area with sa­les ma­te­ri­als for cust­o­m­ers on their iPads. A na­ti­ve iPad app was nee­ded for this pur­po­se that pro­vi­ded sa­les em­ployees with the la­test ma­te­ri­als, which could then be pre­sen­ted to cust­o­m­ers in an ap­pea­ling de­sign. The sa­les ma­te­ri­als were to be ma­na­ged via a pu­blis­hing plat­form.

So­lu­ti­on / ap­proach

All re­qui­re­ments con­cerning the app were first dis­cus­sed and re­cor­ded with the cust­o­m­er, af­ter which sui­ta­ble tech­no­lo­gies were selec­ted. Fol­lo­wing this, EXXETA de­si­gned the ar­chi­tec­tu­re of the iPad app as well as the pu­blis­hing plat­form (node.js). As part of this work the cloud pro­vi­der was cho­sen for the pu­blis­hing plat­form. Du­ring the next step EXXETA de­ter­mi­ned the de­sign of the iPad app ba­sed on the de­sign of iOS 7.

Syn­chro­niza­t­i­on bet­ween the pu­blis­hing plat­form and the iPad app was en­su­red using Core Data. The ap­p­li­ca­ti­on was in­te­gra­ted into the exis­ting Con­ti­nuous In­te­gra­ti­on plat­form and the cor­po­ra­te App Store. Ad­di­tio­nal­ly, user be­ha­vi­or is mo­ni­to­red on an on­go­ing ba­sis.

Cust­o­m­er be­ne­fits

Our cust­o­m­er re­cei­ved an ap­pea­ling app for pre­sen­ting sa­les ma­te­ri­als in a mo­dern iOS7 de­sign. The sa­les em­ployees now re­cei­ve push no­ti­fi­ca­ti­ons as soon as new sa­les ma­te­ri­al is avail­able. All the ma­te­ri­al is syn­chro­ni­zed au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly. In ad­di­ti­on, the cust­o­m­er be­ne­fits from the light­weight pu­blis­hing plat­form for ma­na­ging sa­les ma­te­ri­al, and they have trans­pa­rent in­sight into user be­ha­vi­or re­gar­ding the app.

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