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EXXETA Solution
Mobile Solutions
Period 4 months

Development of an iPad app for the customer’s sales employees

Initial situation and challenge

Our customer was faced with the challenge of providing sales employees in the support area with sales materials for customers on their iPads. A native iPad app was needed for this purpose that provided sales employees with the latest materials, which could then be presented to customers in an appealing design. The sales materials were to be managed via a publishing platform.

Solution / approach

All requirements concerning the app were first discussed and recorded with the customer, after which suitable technologies were selected. Following this, EXXETA designed the architecture of the iPad app as well as the publishing platform (node.js). As part of this work the cloud provider was chosen for the publishing platform. During the next step EXXETA determined the design of the iPad app based on the design of iOS 7.

Synchronization between the publishing platform and the iPad app was ensured using Core Data. The application was integrated into the existing Continuous Integration platform and the corporate App Store. Additionally, user behavior is monitored on an ongoing basis.

Customer benefits

Our customer received an appealing app for presenting sales materials in a modern iOS7 design. The sales employees now receive push notifications as soon as new sales material is available. All the material is synchronized automatically. In addition, the customer benefits from the lightweight publishing platform for managing sales material, and they have transparent insight into user behavior regarding the app.

EXXETA's contribution

  • From the initial design to the architecture and final implementation, everything from a single source
  • Strong affinity to technology and expertise in the field of new and open mobile technologies
  • Experienced in the utilization of existing Apple iOS frameworks
  • Flexible process with the goal of high customer satisfaction

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