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An agile approach, a series of joint design workshops and short sprints distributed over the space of a few months – that’s what it took to create E Point, a digital marketplace for the buying, selling, exchanging and sharing of energy and services that we have helped develop at record speed. Merely implementing the individual steps of the procurement process hasn’t been enough for quite some time now. In delivering E-Point our aim was to ensure that our customer GVS can digitally support its clients’ entire customer journey.

The motivation

Stuttgart-based GasVersorgung Süddeutschland (GVS) has been a trusted partner of municipal utility companies, regional energy suppliers and industrial businesses both in Germany and abroad since 1961. Other than gas and power products, GVS offers its market partners a wide range of energy-related services, with a focus on online transactions executed via the E-Point platform.

The digital transformation brings new challenges for many types of businesses, energy companies included. EXXETA has been chosen to support GVS’s digital journey as the company’s value+ partner. The starting point on this path was the development of E-Point, a digital marketplace where participants can buy, sell, exchange and share energy and services. The aim behind this initiative was to provide a single space where (new) GVS customers could find as much information relevant to their business as possible and to simplify and automate business processes as well as monitor and analyse them in a professional manner.

The challenge

Over the past years GVS, who started out as a traditional gas supplier, has become a modern energy service provider. A strong customer platform with a focus on digital sales of energy products and related services was to reinforce and strengthen this position. We embarked on a two-fold task to achieve this: developing new tools plus seamlessly integrating GVS’s existing tools. Fast implementation, close interaction with E-Point’s future users and a short time-to-market span were critical factors in ensuring the platform’s success. All of these requirements played to our strengths, rooted in many years of energy and technology know-how.

The solution

E-Point is built on the EXXETA Platform Suite and thus offers a state-of-the-art technological architecture along with access to both EXXETA’s proprietary energy tools as well as third-party applications.

As part of our work for the GVS E-Point project we have developed tools for the live monitoring of market prices and for simple management of the data relating to GVS’s balancing group pooling service “BIKpool”, the “My Portfolio” function customers can use to retrieve and manage their own balancing, portfolio, contract or third-party supplier data plus additional tools related to REMIT services. In addition, we have created areas dedicated to training and consulting services, market news and invoices in order to enable customers to simplify their daily operations. Plus, using the web platform allows both GVS as well as its business partners to cut the costs related to individual business processes.

EXXETA continues to support GVS beyond development of the platform as thanks to our many years of practice we have gained the profound knowledge and experience you need when it comes to understanding and managing applications. EXXETA’s IT Infrastructure & Services team hosts and operates E-Point and also provides the related support services, all in accordance with ITIL guidelines. GVS in turn benefits from a highly flexible, scalable and reliable platform.

This has made E-Point a unique and highly dynamic solution that adds substantial value to GVS’s core business, now and going forward.

The customer's view

“Using our online marketplace E-Point transactions can be planned, executed and tracked efficiently, transparently, securely and at very low process costs. On E-Point our customers receive all relevant market and price information, direct market access for gas and power purchases and sales at real-time prices and on attractive terms, and support for executing and managing their transactions. Our collaboration with EXXETA is based on mutual trust.”
Helmut Kusterer, Head of Sales & Services, GasVersorgung Süddeutschland GmbH


EXXETA contribution

  • Projects from a single source covering everything from the conceptual and design stage to architecture and implementation through to hosting
  • Professional and flexible project management for maximum customer satisfaction
  • Agile work approach for the development of unique, innovative and scalable solutions
  • Industry expertise combined with technological know-how

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