Employee Self-Services via SharePoint-based Portal Solution

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Microsoft SharePoint

The merging of multiple companies within the group resulted in a very heterogeneous and in part redundant process and system environment for our customer, which meant significant consolidation was needed. With the help of support services from EXXETA, a portal solution and individual migration projects for workflows and forms were realized on the basis of SharePoint.

The most important strategic project goal identified during project planning was the replacement and deactivation of Lotus Notes, which was at that time being used for document management and the processing of workflows. The decision to stop using Lotus Notes was based on cost considerations. Another project goal was a new workflow portal, in order to increase the work efficiency of employees. Additionally, it should be possible to find rarely used workflows more quickly in the future while making it easy for new users to come to terms with the portal through simple, intuitive navigation and a uniform user interface.


  • Replacement of Lotus Notes with SharePoint 2007
  • Development of a multi-language portal and application system for supporting internal administration processes (e.g. processing of apprenticeship applications, material orders, notification of security vulnerabilities)
  • Introduction of development processes for SharePoint and set up of the infrastructure
  • Migration of existing workflows and forms to SharePoint
  • Adjustable, flexible and easily maintainable navigation structures
  • High level of security
  • Internal employee training

Technologies used

  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server

Analysis of potential and an agile project method for consistent results orientation

At the beginning of the project, the infrastructure needed to be set up, and the processes for the development with SharePoint needed defining. Furthermore, the upcoming migration project needed to be analyzed and optimization potential for the process organization and software had to be identified and documented. The subsequent cost estimations enabled well-founded project and resource planning, thereby giving the customer investment security. In order to realize the overall solution, a SharePoint 2007 infrastructure was used and the standard functions of the SharePoint platform were updated with additional features. The extensions were realized using C#/.NET. The solution that was co-developed by EXXETA included layouts for pages, document libraries and lists and also functions for connecting workflows to the ITSM ticket system.

On top of this, numerous WebParts for searching and navigating through the portal were realized. Separate solution packets were developed for the individual forms and workflows, which could be integrated into the existing portal if required.

The agile approach used by the entire project team, always focusing on quality assurance, ultimately lead to an increase in customer satisfaction as the desired result was achieved. The acceptance of the completed project stages was strengthened on the customer side, particularly through the completion of training courses.

EXXETA contribution

  • Supporting the customer as early as the design and solution identification phase based on the provision of process and technical IT expertise
  • Outstanding technical skills in the Microsoft SharePoint area
  • Valuable practical experience gained from similar SharePoint projects
  • Professional project management and agile procedures

Customer comments

“Workflows and forms – from the simple registration for a training course to the entire ordering system with approval and execution workflows- can now be found quickly and simple via an intuitive and flexible navigation model. The developed portal solution has significantly increased employee satisfaction.”
Responsible expert at the customer

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