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It all starts with a click on a smartphone in a major German city. This click generates an order for a product, anywhere in the world. The product is manufactured, packed and sent on its way to Germany. In doing so, it crosses national borders, continents and oceans.

Even though the procedures of this journey may be greatly simplified, the most complex and above all most expensive part of the entire transport process takes place only in the next step, the last mile. This means the last part of the delivery to the recipient's door.

The solution designed by EXXETA supports the entire delivery process, connects the participants and ensures efficient and transparent delivery of goods.


Air & noise pollution, infrastructure load

1/3 of the traffic volume in cities is caused by delivery traffic.

Working conditions of suppliers

Lack of parking space, traffic jams, low availability of receivers

Increasing pressure on costs and expectations

50% of the total delivery costs occur on the last mile.

(Sources: BUND, Brabänder 2020)

Applied technologies:

React Native, Kubernetes, Docker, Microsoft Azure

Our customer, Zukunftsangelegenheiten GmbH, has taken up the challenge of a sustainable, reliable and comprehensive transport solution on the last mile with its concept.

A logistics network was developed, which includes shippers, bike logistics companies and inner-city distribution centers.The goods are brought to jointly used intermediate storage facilities, so-called micro-hubs. From there they are distributed in the individual city areas in a CO2-neutral and efficient manner using electric vehicles or e-cargo bikes.

With the solution designed by EXXETA, the coordination of the different parties involved is handled automatically via a central platform. This also supports the disposition and departure of the tours, among other things in the form of route optimization. Furthermore, intermediate storage facilities were digitalized to improve and simplify the micro-hub management.

The software accompanies the entire delivery process, connects the participants and ensures an efficient and transparent delivery of goods.

"The solution is currently successfully used in Berlin, and we are happy to bring it to other cities for a future with less emissions and infrastructure load."

Annabelle Stößer, Consultant at EXXETA

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