High Flexibility thanks to Cross-Border Integration Architecture

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EXXETA Solution
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Period 48 months

Our customer, an international automobile manufacturer, was facing the challenge of replacing its dealer financing system and introducing a new centralized solution in eleven international markets.

Initial situation and challenge

Existing interfaces in the subsidiaries were to be maintained without adjustments wherever possible. At the same time, a flexible interface was to be provided that ensured a high level of reusability. Due to the expiry of licenses for the old system, the rollout had to be completed by a specific date for all relevant markets.

Solution / approach

In order to fulfil the requirements for a centralized solution for eleven markets, the decision was made to use the integration platform WebSphere Message Broker for cross-border application integration. It was possible to achieve the required flexible interface through the consistent utilization of a canonical data model. The question of reusability was dealt with through the definition of uniform patterns for similar solutions to similar integration challenges. EXXETA handled the technical design and implementation, advised the customer with regard to tests and rollout and is currently responsible for the maintenance and further development of the integration solutions in all eleven markets.

Customer benefits

The project enabled the implementation of the integration architecture in line with the strategy. By defining uniform patterns, a high level of flexibility and reusability was achieved with regard to connecting the country-specific applications. What’s more, fast rollouts in new markets were made possible thanks to the uniform architecture patterns and a domain model.

EXXETA contribution

  • Many years of integration expertise and WebSphere Message Broker expert knowledge
  • Many years of experience and expertise in Enterprise Data Modeling
  • Setup of a reference integration architecture in a shared services environment
  • High level of quality though iterative incremental procedures during the specification, implementation and testing of interfaces

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