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Our customer was planning on exchanging its core banking systems incl. the replacement of the Customer and Service Center online portal and the existing integration solution. The main objectives, however, were to modernize the structures that had grown over time and establish a new integration solution as the central process control component, thereby providing a future-proof setup. The greatest challenge was that the technical requirements were not clearly defined, and they consisted of numerous different documents and artefacts. Due to the tight schedule, it was necessary to determine the underlying technologies quickly, as the rollout was being driven by the upcoming SEPA conversion.

Solution / approach

Within the scope of the Requirements Workshops with the participating stakeholders, a detailed recording and analysis of the technical process requirements was carried out and an agile process model for the implementation was defined.

The implementation phase started with the evaluation of the technologies and the creation of prototypes. EXXETA also designed the application architecture and the specification of the interfaces. Our main task was to design control of business processes across all systems. Our consultants recorded the technical business processes within the complete application process, incl. all participating systems (e.g. account management system, credit card system, payment transactions, etc.) and their interaction, and they also designed the corresponding target process. The process implementation was based on IBM WebSphere products, whereby the standardized components for supporting stateful processes in the message broker were used, which facilitated the generation of statistics and the correction of errors immensely.

In addition to integration consulting, which included the architecture, design and implementation of the central integration solution, the EXXETA Test Consulting team also handled the planning and coordination of the test phases prior to the introduction of the application.

Customer benefits

The successful project conclusion meant our customer was able to replace three old systems. Today it has a future-proof technology setup, standardized interfaces and an application architecture, which enables new systems and interfaces to be integrated simply. The business processes can be controlled centrally and configured flexibly. New products and customers can be created quickly and compared with existing entries in all connected systems. This increases the flexibility of the specialist areas and shortens the time-to-market. The agile process model also enabled the specialist area to start the integrative tests earlier than planned.

EXXETA contribution

  • Well-founded technical expertise in the area of system integration
  • Tool expertise in relation to tried-and-tested, leading integration and BPM platforms as well as internally developed components and patterns
  • Many years of experience in the development and implementation of integration platforms
  • Contribution of methodical know-how in agile process models
  • Numerous successfully completed projects in this area and thus the contribution of best practices

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