IoT for Smart City: SMIGHT - Smart City Light

EXXETA Solution

SMIGHT is not only a street lamp with sensors and WLAN, but it is an IoT concept that makes Smart City possible. SMIGHT produces software and hardware components for smart cities. All data, such as environmental and traffic data, can be individually adapted. The municipalities thus receive valuable information about their resources. Traffic can be better distributed and the roads can be relieved. The fight against the increase in noise and pollution can also be tackled better with the relevant information. The charging infrastructure for electric cars also generates data that can be used to fill the billing jaws.

EXXETA value contribution

  • Development of an IoT platform tailored to the customer's needs
  • Technological flexibility through far-sighted thinking
  • Rapid integration of new features through an agile approach with mutual feedback
  • Secure connection to the cloud for highly scalable data processing
  • From UX Prototyping to Portal Solutions
  • Visualization of big data for analyses in B2B context  
  • Joint development of a process for Continuous Delivery & Integration
  • EXXETA connects the worlds of IoT, electric mobility, traffic management, environmental monitoring and network planning to form Smart City

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