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Our customer was facing the challenge of completely redeveloping an existing application for entering and managing holiday, travel and travel expenses. The central point with this redesign was to provide end users with a modern solution based on UX guidelines, which should be easy and convenient to use on all relevant end devices (desktops, tablets and smartphones).

Solution / approach 

Suitable target technologies were evaluated based on a detailed analysis of the specialist and technical requirements. Following this, the system architecture was designed and the integration architecture within the overall program was developed. The new application was implemented using responsive design based on the “Mobile first” approach. On the client side, HTML5 was used to develop the application, and JavaEE Middleware was used on the server side. The connection to SAP data was realized using Netweaver Gateway interfaces. Furthermore, EXXETA integrated a framework for synchronizing data, which it developed in-house.


Customer benefits

Thanks to the successful conclusion of the project, our customer received a cutting-edge application that clearly displayed employee data based on the latest technologies using responsive design, which can be displayed optimally on all output devices.
All employees can now enter and manage their absences and travel expenses via mobile devices efficiently. Managers also have access to additional reporting and inbox functions.
The framework for synchronizing data reduces loading times significantly, which in turn has led  to increased user satisfaction.

EXXETA's contribution

  • Strong affinity to technology and expertise in the field of new and open technologies
  • Understanding of complex IT corporate landscapes
  • Interdisciplinary EXXETA team of experts
  • Professional and agile approach with absolute focus on the customer

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