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The networking of vehicles with external systems or devices is one of the fastest growing topics in the automotive sector.

From retrieving vehicle data via smartphone to the individual configuration of the car: Connected Car features are a relevant competitive factor.

They offer car manufacturers the opportunity to interact with their customers.

Mercedes me is much more than the connection between man and vehicle. It is an ecosystem for digital services.



Development of a central platform for the end user, from which all Mercedes me Connect services can be accessed, used and configured.

Daimler recognized this potential at an early stage and launched Mercedes me as early as 2014, an online service platform that acts as a central interface for every end user and every Mercedes model. From the very beginning, EXXETA has supported the platform's development and expansion with technical and methodical consulting services as well as intelligent software solutions.

This makes it possible to create one's own vehicle in the application, to manage conditions of use, active and available services and to display real-time data from the vehicle. Thus, depending on the type and equipment of a vehicle, for example the tank level, range or tire pressure can be displayed but services such as personalization, the Remote Vehicle Finder or opening and closing windows and doors can also be used.

In this way, we were able to make a valuable contribution to the networking between driver and vehicle as well as the linking of various systems for customer and vehicle data to create a close connection between vehicle, manufacturer, workshop, dealer and customer.

Mercedes me allows end users to register and configure their vehicle and all related services at a glance from anywhere in the world via Internet connection.

With the Connect features, EXXETA supports an essential part of the user journey in the project.


"Mercedes me not only has incredibly high potential due to the functionalities and the necessary amount of data – behind the entire process there is also an immense responsibility and the legal framework is extremely extensive."

Christian Wipfler, Key Account Manager EXXETA

A prime example of the potential of digital change.

Mercedes me has now been rolled out in 44 countries and has developed into an independent brand in the Daimler universe. The number of users is already several million and continues to grow impressively, which confirms the enormous potential and the chosen orientation of the platform.

At top speed into the digital age

Car manufacturers and service providers are constantly facing new challenges due to increasing digitalization. While brand loyalty is dwindling, tomorrow's customers expect personalized experiences using the latest technology. The key is to face digital hurdles and anyone who doesn't want to fall by the wayside must adapt to the rapid pace.

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Marc Vollmar

Senior Partner

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