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Our customer, an international beverage manufacturer, recognized early on the potential of collaboration and customer contact via smartphones and tablets. However, various situations from recent years have given rise to numerous insular solutions that are no longer suitable for the inter-relationships between different end devices, applications and backend systems. Together with the customer, we tackled this subject and the associated challenges.

Holistic approach

The customer receives the best solution tailored to its needs

The focal point of the cooperation was the consolidation of existing applications as well as the drafting of clear, future-proof concepts for the development and management of apps. To identify specific areas in need of action, we analyzed the current situation first of all and defined the customer’s specific requirements using targeted questions.

It’s only possible to move forward, when everyone acts in concert!

During a workshop, all of the problems were discussed by the participants. The objective was to develop a mobile strategy, which could be anchored long-term within the corporate philosophy. Participants: representatives from the specialist areas, users, product managers (incl. SAP) and also mobile experts from EXXETA AG. In close cooperation with the customer, the EXXETA specialists developed a solution that was geared towards the specific needs and demands of the customer: the Mobile Integration Layer.

The three pillars of the Mobile Integration Layer:

I. General information and technical documentation:
An intranet portal serves as the central hub for all participants. In addition to general information and checklists for the various specialist areas, graphic designers can also find user interface guidelines and developers can find technical documentation.

II. Tool support & infrastructure:
A special infrastructure supports the development of mobile applications with continuous tests, which helps to ensure compliance with defined standards while maintaining a high level of quality.

III. Mobile framework: client and server components
Challenges that are encountered time and again are resolved once and for all with well-documented and tested components, which are then available for all mobile applications:

  • Security with LDAP connection
  • Synchronization of business data
  • Offline mode
  • Device logging and monitoring
  • Integration of SAP, other backend systems and databases


  • Development of a mobile strategy that is anchored within the company and which links new technologies with technical requirements
  • Transparent and reliable operation of enterprise mobile apps
  • High level of security and quality for the mobile apps through the introduction of standards and guidelines
  • Holistic design of a basic infrastructure, which ensures the smooth interaction of end devices, mobile applications and backend systems
  • Evaluation and consulting during the ’make-or-buy’ decision

Technologies used

  • Cross Platform in HTML5 and Advanced JavaScript
  • Native for iOS in Objective-C with Cocoa Touch
  • Java EE 6
  • SAP connection via jCo and SAP NetWeaver Gateway
  • REST-based synchronization protocol


  • Complete integration of the solution into the existing infrastructure while maintaining existing security mechanisms
  • Intelligent handling of large data quantities and critical data from different sources
  • High development speed (Time-to-Market) and quality assurance thanks to the continually tested components framework
  • Compliance with process and security guidelines and UI standards throughout the company thanks to a central intranet platform with all required information and documentation for employees and external partners
  • The framework remains extendable and future proof through the use of open, standard technologies
  • As the solution was developed by EXXETA , it is provider-independent with no license costs

EXXETA's contribution

  • Strong affinity to technology and expertise in the field of new and open technologies
  • Interlinking of research, education and practical application promotes future-oriented solutions (teaching assignments of EXXETA AG at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology / internal research projects)
  • Interdisciplinary EXXETA team of mobile experts
  • Reference projects for successful integration solutions in complex company environments
  • Professional and agile approach with absolute focus on the customer
  • Overall project responsibility from architecture to implementation

Customer comments:

“To ensure no chances were missed, mobile apps were churned out continually. This meant development or design standards were often completely ignored. The expensive and complex situation that our application management had ended up in has been resolved for good with the Mobile Integration Layer solution.”
Responsible expert at the customer