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Banking Systeme


The standardization of its banking systems represented a large project for our customer. Consistent requirements engineering on program level is supposed to ensure a uniform approach.


In an ef­fort to stan­dar­di­ze its ban­king sys­tems throughout Eu­ro­pe, our cust­o­m­er star­ted a pro­gram with se­ven in­de­pen­dent lar­ge pro­jects and a to­tal of ap­prox. 350 de­ve­l­o­pers. Due to the high le­vel of com­ple­xi­ty, a strin­gent re­qui­re­ments pro­cess was nee­ded to en­su­re the con­trol and tra­ce­a­bi­li­ty of re­qui­re­ments. In or­der to ob­tain a uni­form pro­ce­du­re across all pro­jects, stan­dar­di­zed Re­qui­re­ments En­gi­nee­ring (RE) was in­tro­du­ced at the pro­gram le­vel. In do­ing so, EXXETA was com­mis­sio­ned with the de­ve­lop­ment and co­or­di­na­ti­on of a Re­qui­re­ments En­gi­nee­ring pro­cess, which was ali­gned with the nee­ds of the cust­o­m­er, as well as the de­sign and exe­cu­ti­on of RE Ba­sics and Ad­van­ced trai­ning. The ob­jec­tive was to pro­vi­de all em­ployees with the know­ledge re­qui­red to de­ter­mi­ne, do­cu­ment, va­li­da­te and ma­na­ge re­qui­re­ments cor­rect­ly and uni­form­ly.

So­lu­ti­on / ap­proach

The EXXETA con­sul­ting ap­proach be­gan with an ana­ly­sis of the exis­ting RE pro­ces­ses and the re­la­ted weak­nes­ses. Ba­sed on this ana­ly­sis the EXXETA RE ex­perts, in clo­se co­ope­ra­ti­on with the cust­o­m­er, de­ve­l­o­ped an op­ti­mi­zed Re­qui­re­ments En­gi­nee­ring pro­cess ba­sed on the IREB stan­dard. This was then in­tro­du­ced du­ring the pro­ject by ex­pe­ri­en­ced EXXETA coa­ches.

To en­su­re the re­qui­re­ments pro­cess was es­ta­blis­hed in a sustainable man­ner, EXXETA also took over the crea­ti­on of a se­ries of trai­ning ses­si­ons, which were ad­jus­ted in line with the cust­o­m­er’s op­ti­mi­zed re­qui­re­ments pro­cess.

RE Ba­sics trai­ning is ge­a­red towards em­ployees of the spe­cia­list area and pro­vi­des an over­view of the are­as of ac­tivi­ty in RE, whe­re­as the Ad­van­ced trai­ning co­vers the me­tho­di­cal fur­ther trai­ning of Re­qui­re­ments En­gi­neers. The EXXETA RE team com­ple­ted em­ployee trai­ning for more than 100 peop­le in groups of up to 12 trai­ning par­ti­ci­pants. The trai­ning con­cept in­clu­des the pro­vi­si­on of RE theo­ry as well as nu­merous prac­tical ex­er­ci­ses and dis­cus­sions re­la­ted to spe­ci­fic prac­tical si­tua­ti­ons of the par­ti­ci­pants and the com­pa­ny. Trai­ning par­ti­ci­pants re­cei­ved a RE-fres­her hand­book, which sup­ports them in de­ter­mi­ning, do­cu­men­ting, va­li­da­ting and ma­na­ging re­qui­re­ments du­ring ever­y­day work and pro­jects.

Cust­o­m­er be­ne­fits

The op­ti­mi­zed RE pro­cess to­ge­ther with the em­ployee trai­ning lead to an in­crea­se in ef­fi­ci­en­cy du­ring pro­jects, as it was pos­si­ble to es­ta­blish a uni­form pro­ce­du­re mo­del for re­qui­re­ments ma­nage­ment across all pro­jects. At the same time, cost sa­vings were also achie­ved, as mi­sun­der­stan­dings bet­ween spe­cia­list are­as and IT could be avo­ided thanks to more a struc­tu­red and com­pre­hen­si­ble do­cu­men­ta­ti­on of re­qui­re­ments as well as a more pre­cise de­scrip­ti­on of sys­tem func­tions.
Over­all, a cle­ar im­pro­ve­ment was achie­ved with re­gard to pro­cess con­ti­nui­ty along the ent­i­re pro­cess chain, from the de­ter­mi­na­ti­on of re­qui­re­ments to the fi­nal tests.

EXXETA cont­ri­bu­ti­on

  • Comprehensive practical experience in the utilization of Requirements Engineering and the optimization of Requirements Engineering processes
  • Utilization of experienced IREB- and Scrum-certified trainers
  • Customization of existing RE standards for the customer
  • The connection of outstanding methodological knowledge in Requirements Engineering and agile development processes with the individual requirements and circumstances of the customer
  • We can support both agile procedures as well as traditional models, such as the waterfall model, with our RE methodology
  • Knowledge of the system landscape and the corporate culture thanks to long-term cooperation with the customer
  • Continuous ongoing development of training based on participant feedback

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