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The standardization of its banking systems represented a large project for our customer. Consistent requirements engineering on program level is supposed to ensure a uniform approach.


In an effort to standardize its banking systems throughout Europe, our customer started a program with seven independent large projects and a total of approx. 350 developers. Due to the high level of complexity, a stringent requirements process was needed to ensure the control and traceability of requirements. In order to obtain a uniform procedure across all projects, standardized Requirements Engineering (RE) was introduced at the program level. In doing so, EXXETA was commissioned with the development and coordination of a Requirements Engineering process, which was aligned with the needs of the customer, as well as the design and execution of RE Basics and Advanced training. The objective was to provide all employees with the knowledge required to determine, document, validate and manage requirements correctly and uniformly.

Solution / approach

The EXXETA consulting approach began with an analysis of the existing RE processes and the related weaknesses. Based on this analysis the EXXETA RE experts, in close cooperation with the customer, developed an optimized Requirements Engineering process based on the IREB standard. This was then introduced during the project by experienced EXXETA coaches.

To ensure the requirements process was established in a sustainable manner, EXXETA also took over the creation of a series of training sessions, which were adjusted in line with the customer’s optimized requirements process.
RE Basics training is geared towards employees of the specialist area and provides an overview of the areas of activity in RE, whereas the Advanced training covers the methodical further training of Requirements Engineers. The EXXETA RE team completed employee training for more than 100 people in groups of up to 12 training participants. The training concept includes the provision of RE theory as well as numerous practical exercises and discussions related to specific practical situations of the participants and the company. Training participants received a RE-fresher handbook, which supports them in determining, documenting, validating and managing requirements during everyday work and projects.


Customer benefits

The optimized RE process together with the employee training lead to an increase in efficiency during projects, as it was possible to establish a uniform procedure model for requirements management across all projects. At the same time, cost savings were also achieved, as misunderstandings between specialist areas and IT could be avoided thanks to more a structured and comprehensible documentation of requirements as well as a more precise description of system functions.
Overall, a clear improvement was achieved with regard to process continuity along the entire process chain, from the determination of requirements to the final tests.

    EXXETA contribution

    • Comprehensive practical experience in the utilization of Requirements Engineering and the optimization of Requirements Engineering processes
    • Utilization of experienced IREB- and Scrum-certified trainers
    • Customization of existing RE standards for the customer
    • The connection of outstanding methodological knowledge in Requirements Engineering and agile development processes with the individual requirements and circumstances of the customer
    • We can support both agile procedures as well as traditional models, such as the waterfall model, with our RE methodology
    • Knowledge of the system landscape and the corporate culture thanks to long-term cooperation with the customer
    • Continuous ongoing development of training based on participant feedback

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