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EXXETA Energy Trader


The liberalization of the energy sector lead to the swift development of different energy trading exchanges. To strengthen and improve its market position in a sustainable manner, our customer wanted transparency on fragmented and volatile markets with their different levels of liquidity.

In­iti­al si­tua­ti­on and chal­len­ge

This re­sul­ted in the re­qui­re­ment for in­te­gra­ted and fle­xi­ble ac­cess via an easy-to-use, func­tio­nal­ly so­phis­ti­ca­ted front­end, which can be con­nec­ted di­rect­ly to mul­ti­ple mar­kets. Tra­ding steps that are pro­ne to er­rors, e.g. cau­sed by te­le­pho­ne or­ders, or due to the di­ver­si­fied na­ti­ve GUIs of the sin­gle ex­ch­an­ges or ma­nu­al tran­sac­tion ent­ries, were to be re­pla­ced with a ho­lis­tic so­lu­ti­on in the form of end-to-end IT sup­port in or­der to in­crea­se ef­fi­ci­en­cy and agi­li­ty.


So­lu­ti­on / ap­proach

EXXETAs con­sul­ting ap­proach be­gan with an ana­ly­sis of the cur­rent si­tua­ti­on. Fol­lo­wing this, the tar­get de­sign was crea­ted. The need for an in­te­gra­ted and fle­xi­ble mar­ket ac­cess via a func­tio­nal and user-fri­end­ly front­end as well as op­ti­mi­zed data pro­vi­si­on and au­to­ma­ted post-tra­de pro­ces­ses was co­ve­r­ed through the in­stal­la­ti­on of the EXXETA soft­ware pro­ducts EXXETA En­er­gy Tra­der, EXXETA In­ter­nal Mar­ket and EXXETA Mar­ket Ad­ap­ter.

EXXETA was re­s­pon­si­ble for pro­ject ma­nage­ment, the tech­ni­cal sys­tem in­stal­la­ti­on and the on­go­ing main­ten­an­ce and sup­port. The so­lu­ti­on is a high per­for­mance, low la­ten­cy Java front­end ba­sed on SWING, Hi­ber­na­te and Spring in­clu­ding va­rious midd­le­wa­re con­nec­tions such as JMS, XML, TibCo Ren­dez­vous and AMQP.

Du­ring the cour­se of the im­ple­men­ta­ti­on, the ETRM sys­tem Open­Link En­dur was con­nec­ted, con­sul­ting ser­vices re­la­ted to the Tray­port mi­gra­ti­on were pro­vi­ded, and mar­ket ac­cess to EEX (Eur­ex, Com­Xerv), Nas­daqOMX, Tray­port TGW, ICE, CME Globex and EPEX was es­ta­blis­hed.

Fur­ther­mo­re, EXXETA also crea­ted fur­ther spe­cial so­lu­ti­ons, such as for the cal­cu­la­ti­on of ’Va­lue-at-Ris­k’ and for dis­play­ing set­t­le­ment pri­ces.

Cust­o­m­er be­ne­fits

Thanks to the suc­cess­ful im­ple­men­ta­ti­on of EXXETA En­er­gy Tra­ding pro­ducts, the cust­o­m­er was able to re­du­ce er­ror ra­tes and sup­port re­qui­re­ments whi­le in­cre­a­sing mar­ket trans­pa­ren­cy and ma­king its tra­ding ac­tivi­ties more ef­fi­ci­ent. The cust­o­m­er now has the re­qui­red le­vel of trans­pa­ren­cy when it co­mes to com­pa­ring mar­ket in­stru­ments and pri­ces, cal­cu­la­ting im­pli­cit pri­ces, high­light­ing ar­bi­tra­ge op­por­tu­nities and sup­porting com­plex or­der ty­pes and stra­te­gies. By using EXXETA In­ter­nal Mar­ket, the cust­o­m­er made con­siderable cost sa­vings in re­la­ti­on to in­ter­nal data pro­vi­si­on (e.g. port­fo­lio ma­nage­ment, sa­les) and tra­ding wi­t­hin the Group. Our cust­o­m­er was gi­ven the abili­ty to act as a ‘mar­ket ma­ker’ wi­t­hin the en­er­gy mar­kets.

EXXETA's cont­ri­bu­ti­on

  • EXXETAs Energy Trading solutions served as a project accelerator and enabled the market access to be optimized quickly
  • In addition to the implementation of energy-market-specific solutions, EXXETA also offers a wealth of consulting expertise in energy trading as well as methodical knowledge
  • EXXETA offers calculable fixed prices, license models, maintenance and support as well as continuous further development of the solutions

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