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The main challenge facing the Deutsche Börse AG (DB-AG) was the modernization of a host application within a relatively tight timeframe and budget, in order to comply with current customer requirements.
Our expertise with the design and development of individual solutions and our concept based on the orchideo framework of our implementation partner eXXcellent Solutions ensured the customer was convinced of our capabilities. The project, which was commissioned at a fixed price, was completed in line with time, cost, quality and scope requirements.

Technical framework

In WSS Online Plus, information on securities from various organizations are brought together and made available to the customers of DB-AG for the purpose of research. In the former web-based solution, there was a large quantity of predefined search screens, results lists and detailed dialog screens for the research activities.

New solution requirements

The existing application offered only a small number of configuration options. Changes often lead to a lot of implementation work. A solution was therefore needed, which enabled the data model to be adjusted simply by the specialist departments in line with changes made to the delivered data. At the same time, customers of DB-AG should be provided with specialized views.
Furthermore, cross-sectional functions were also needed, such as a detailed permissions system, a billing system, the asynchronous delivery of research results via e-mail and numerous value-added services. The new application should also be realized as a web application, in the form of a modern AJAX application with a cutting-edge design.

Approach and benefits of the new solution

In order to provide a flexible data model with the ability to make changes easily via the specialist department, a model-based approach was chosen. The meta model contains all information for database access, navigation within the data, rules for visualization and much more. All visualization dialogues were created in a way that makes use of the information of the meta model. This reduced the amount of user-specific logic that needed to be implemented.
A design component was created based on the meta model, which enables the specialist department and the users to define new, specialized views. These can be adjusted in line with the problem area of the user.
This enables the user to make use of the required data much more effectively, which is reflected in the quantity-based billing of the data. For DB-AG, this means significantly fewer adjustments, as no changes to the application are needed if changes have been made to the delivered data structures. Most of the foreseeable requirements can be implemented by the specialist department by configuring the meta model.


  • Heavily used system with up to 2,500 simultaneous users
  • Heterogeneous technology environment (clients and server) with heterogeneous data
  • Resource limits (RAM, CPU) on server side vs. Desktop emulation on the client side

Technologies used

  • IBM WebSphere Application Server
  • IBM DB2
  • eXXcellent orchideo

Where do we go from here?

One requirement of the Deutsche Börse Group is that they are able to further develop the solution themselves. This was achieved on the one side through the use of the orchideo framework, that is based on common open source standards. On the other side, the separation of the meta model and the technical implementation mean many system adjustments can be made without in-depth technical knowledge.

EXXETA contribution

  • High level of expertise of EXXETA in relation to the design and development of individual web applications combined with the orchideo Framework of the EXXETA implementation partner, eXXcellent Solutions, which meant the project could be concluded successfully on schedule and within the budget for a fixed price, while taking quality and scope into consideration
  • Implementation based on common open source standards mean the customer can further develop the solution itself

Customer comments

“Host applications can be rejuvenated with modern GUIS for a reasonable price. The professional development of structured solution models (meta model views) is a decisive additional benefit of this provider. The end result is fast, reliable and user-friendly.”

Responsible expert at the customer