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Open source software supplies the building blocks for the modern Internet. It is pioneering new, innovative approaches while at the same time being suitable for business critical applications.

According to the annual "Future of Open Source Survey" 78 percent of all companies are using some form of open source software; less than 3 percent of companies have stated that they do not use open source software at all. This means that the use of open source software in the business field has doubled since 2010. Without open source, there would be no Facebook, Google, Amazon, or hardly any other modern technology company.


Our offer

EXXETA offers support for the entire plan-build-run life cycle.

  • Software architectures
  • Software selection and reduction of licensing costs
  • Assistance in dealing with open source software e.g. introduction, migrations, licenses
  • Commercial support for individual IT systems based on open source software
  • Individual development (e.g. using Java, JavaScript)
  • In-house development of Open Source components / plugins

EXXETA in-house development: Sonar Plugins

SonarQube ESQL Plugin

A tool for static code analysis of ESQL source code from IBM Websphere Message Broker / IBM Integration Bus projects.

SonarQube Message-Flow-Plugin

A tool for static code analysis of message flows / integration flows developed for the IBM Websphere Message Broker / IBM Integration Bus.

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EXXETA has many years of project experience in the use and development of open source components.

Web Frontends
Web frameworks
Application servers
Message brokers

Your benefits

The use of open source software offers businesses a number of advantages:

  • Better quality
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Flexibility through access to libraries, extensions and add-ons
  • Higher security
  • High speed of innovation
  • Lower costs
  • Availability of the source code
  • Accessibility of benefits and knowledge for all