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Digital Transformation

Technology, culture, values, methods and automation

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Do you want to make your organization fit for #TheNewNormal? Do you want to become change-proof and resilient with digital business models and state-of-the-art technologies? Then you face the challenge of not only transforming your ecosystems and infrastructures technologically, but also taking employees and business partners along with you and involving them in the digital transformation.

Out of rigidity, but how? We start exactly where you need support - in the entire process or in individual components: technology, culture, values, methods or automation. We are there for you as a technology and method partner. Whether consulting, coaching, training or concrete implementation - we shape your future in partnership with you!

Why digital transformation?

Lack of expertise & digital mindset​

…in the use of digital technology, data-driven solutions and agile frames.​

Rigid application environment and monoliths

…that slow down or make impossible a fast, flexible and comprehensive change of business models.​

Stuck working methods and structure​

…which, without a change of perspective, prevent the development of digital growth markets and forward-looking change.

Long Time-to-Market & Plan-to-Build

…to develop new customer-centric processes and models from ideas and concepts and to deliver projects​ properly.


Together with you, we develop a target picture, create customer-centric products, business models and a responsive architecture. We empower you and your employees, set up train-the-trainer programs and accompany you on the path to digital collaboration. With proven methods and frameworks, we guide you into the perfect-fit agile working model that you can successfully scale.

Together with you, we develop a target picture, create customer-centric products, business models and a responsive architecture.


Reference: MLP Finanzberatung SE

Customer-centric IT creates added value

The goal is to move from outsourced IT to IT that is aligned with the customer's customer journey. This is achieved with the help of autonomous, cross-functional teams from business and IT and an agile mindset. EXXETA accompanied MLP Finanzberatung SE on its way to a new IT. In partnership, a customer-oriented domain structure and IT architecture was created that allows flexible, innovative and value-oriented solutions. Time-2-Market and customer satisfaction have measurably improved as a result.

Which transformation components were used?

Checkbox   Customer centricity

Checkbox   Architecture & Building

Checkbox   ​​​​​​Agile working model

Checkbox   Change Management

Checkbox   ​​​​​​Control and Sourcing

"The path to customer-centric IT is a big and important step for MLP. Together with our partner EXXETA, we are mastering it successfully."

 — Carsten Soßna,  MLP Finanzberatung SE —


The main components

Our approach embraces more than culture and working methods. This creates focus and automation.

Development plan for a scalable architecture

Build and scale a sustainable, stakeholder-appropriate IT and enterprise architecture to successfully deliver digital products and services.

Clear portfolio with the customer in focus

Develop target image, strengthen business benefits, promote innovation, create understanding of core issues and customer focus.

Agile working models, values, culture and responsibility

Implement individual work model with optimal process flow, internalize agile mindset and strengthen self-organization for measurable results of a constantly learning organization.

Controlling with short paths, a clear framework and free spaces

Creating trust, providing guard rails, enabling focus, overcoming problems together and allowing freedom to develop.

Change management deals with people as the success factor of a transition.


The human factor plays a key role in the success of any planned or unplanned change. Change management complements people as an essential aspect in the planning and execution of a transformation, whether cultural, technical or organizational.

This is how we proceed

Roadmap for the transformation program

Inspect and
change initiative

  • Define goal and guardrails

  • Outline roadmap milestones

  • Launch initiative and take team on journey

  • Understand tools and methods for operational working model

  • Define use cases for testing

Testing and

  • Test proof of concept of the use cases
  • Create structure for focused work
  • Roll out and establish the work model step by step
  • Get up to speed together with the organization
  • Celebrate successes

Create communities and domaine structure

  • Enable cross-functional teams to work in a self-organized manner
  • Using communities to bring cross-thematic work to life
  • Transform teams into a learning organization
  • Anchor self-image for agile standards in governance

Scaling in the

  • Horizontal and vertical integration in the overall organization
  • Roll out and scale domains across sites
  • Establish agile governance

We support you in the digital transformation of your company, because we have already walked this path ourselves as a company and know exactly what is important.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to advise you on your individual digital transformation without obligation.


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