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Individuelle agile Arbeitsmodelle

Agility, responsibility, values and culture

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The shift to agile working offers companies the opportunity to keep up with the speed of the technological race. Agile projects are planned and implemented in small steps. An important part of agile is adapting the process after each step. This makes it possible to react quickly to changes and greatly reduce errors.

One of the core elements of the agile working method is the distribution of responsibility between management and teams. Shared project responsibility leads to increased motivation of the employees, better self-management organisation and a higher target and customer centricity. 

Simply understanding agility and its benefits will not bring companies to success in their agile transformation.


Crucial for the success of the transformation are not only the right choice from a multitude of methods, tools and frameworks as well as a clean implementation of an agile working model adjusted to the company’s needs. It is especially important to actively involve the people on board and to exemplify agile values and principles.

"For example, top management often calls for agile working, but they often do not live the agile ways of working and the necessary methods themselves." 

Lünendonk, 2020 -

EXXETA as your partner for agile working models and their implementation in your individual corporate culture picks up precisely on these points. Our experts for leadership, innovation and coaching inspire and empower you and your employees to draw the full potential from your active projects. 

To best meet the specific requirements and demands of our customers, EXXETA uses a modular principle in the use of agile methods and cooperation models.

EXXETA uses a modular principle in the use of agile methods and collaboration models.


In doing so, we can draw on our experience and a proven approach in various working models.

Deep dive into working models

Optimise processes and limit work with Kanban

Better quality of software products and high user satisfaction with Scrum

Agile organisation with SAFe or scaling projects with LeSS

Shorter problem solving times through shared responsibility with DevOps

Our service components

Agile start

We advise you on the choice of tools, methods and frameworks and support you in the introduction and implementation of the selected working model.


Agile coaching

Whether onsite or remote, our agile coaches take a comprehensive look at your approach and work with you to develop ideas and measures to improve performance.

Filling roles

Our experienced and certified Scrum Masters and Product Owners help you to successfully fill the various roles in your projects. In doing so, they build on their experience in various sectors.

Agile trainings & workshops

Our portfolio has included trainings and workshops on active topics for many years. We place the focus according to your requirements. In addition to interactive basic workshops, we also prepare your employees for external certifications.

Business agility

We enable the development of the agile mindset throughout the company, design and accompany transformation processes, ambassador programmes, proof of concepts and lighthouse projects.

Benefit from our technological and methodological expertise. Together we can move your company in the direction of innovation and agility.

Agile expert team

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